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A Collection of Playlists | Phase 2

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Our 2022 Spring Artist Feature showcases A Collection of Playlists, to be released in 6 phases. Each featured playlist showcases 25 select songs to reflect an individual's personal music taste or vibe. Below are the features for Phase 2: Naomy, Corrado, Sophia, J[x]dan and Robby.


Self described as "chill, euphoric and slightly hectic," this sonic selection pulls you into an immediate trance. Weaving euphoric and out-worldly sounds from a variety of languages and genres, this melange of well-produced beats mask the somber lyrics of heartbreak, struggle, and self-discovery to create a delicate yet thrilling crescendo. Captivating piano and guitar chords build into whimsical alt indie sounds that peak with attention grabbing electro-trap and mellow with a smooth R&B finish. This playlist is a high without the pill or side effects, so dive in deep, feel the rush and enjoy the journey, over and over again.


This playlist channels the essence of Aperitivo -- a staple of Italian culture and tradition. Get into the mix with ColdPlay's Magic into Frah Quintale's Nei Treni Notte ; share the bubbles and mingle with selects from Radiohead into PARTYNEXTDOOR's Break from Toronto; and dance your worries away with a Swedish Mafia - Tame Impala coupling into upbeat selections from Italy. It's a blissful ascent into a cruising altitude of intricate and dance worthy sounds from around the globe. So pack you bags and bring the bubbly, your first class international flight is boarding.


Whether you're getting ready to send that special someone a text, preparing to spend some quality time for self love or shared love, anticipating a date and everything in between, this 25 song selection explores every inch of love as a process, an emotion and experience. Featuring feel good transitions like JID and Mereba's All Bad into D'Angelo's Really Love or Steve Lacy's Infurnami into Good to Know by Ciscero, Masego, Ambriia and KP_, Sophia describes this playlist as a "living collective sound evolving from nostalgic neo-soul and romantic R&B. Each artist breaths life into the sound, contributing to their own cultural and stylistic nuance."


Before experiencing J[x]rdan's select 25, you'll want to grab your headphones and dim the lights or grab your keys and embark on a late night drive -- whatever you need to do, settle deep into emotional reflection as each song will leave you wondering: "is this nostalgia or regret?" This journey starts with somber R&B and builds into experimental alt-indie sounds that oscillate into rap, heavy rock and back into R&B. No matter the genre, the question we ponder remains the same. From Bryson Tiller and Baby Keem to Tame Impala and EDEN, your emotions won't have anywhere to hide. So open up and let the music play your heart strings.


This playlist serves as a lovely reminder to NOT take life, or yourself, so seriously. Seriously! Self described as "nostalgic, chronologic and mellow," Robby builds a wave from differing perspectives. From reflection and satire, to rock n' roll, feel good dance and relationship woes -- this playlist is a back and forth not worth thinking too hard about. So ignore the urge to make sense of things. Instead, lean into what you may not know and enjoy the clarity a new perspective can provide. Grab a good friend, find a nice view to settle into and enjoy the journey #RobbyBobobby style.

The full Collection of Playlist Features are available here. Happy listening!

Share your own commentary on the playlists below:


This is an Æra Hope collaboration with contributions from Naomy Grand'Pierre, Corrado Tinelli, Sophia Carter, J[x]rdan and Robby Keough. Commentary written by Emilie Grand'Pierre and N.

Image for Naomy taken by Sauphia Germaine. Images for Corrado and Sophia taken by N. in collaboration with Æra Hope. Images for J[x]rdan and Robby are self submissions.

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