Featured Artist - Spring Promotion

Æra Hope Present's this Seasons Featured Artist Promotion:

'Release' by Audrée Grand'Pierre

'Release' was inspired by the tumultuous emotions brought by the consequential events of 2020. In this 18 x 24 acrylic & oil on canvas, Audrée focuses on the juxtaposition of resilience and deterioration to create an emotional peice which calls its viewers to question where they stand in their life's journey.

Audrée Grand'Pierre started taking art classes at four years old to explore her natural curiosity for visual arts. Her studies led her to Florence, Italy where she deepened her understanding of art history and improved her skills in studio art. Her passion for both art and the human psyche is why she loves focusing on narrative pieces that work to depict raw human experiences. Specifically, her paintings highlight the emotions and perspectives of Black individuals in order to create a space for these stories to be shared. She is on her 17th year of training.

50 Prints of this original piece are available for Pre-Order from 02.01.2021 - 02.28.2021 11" x 17" Matte Poster Prints of "Release" can be found here:

Description as seen on poster print:

“the moment where you can either come up for air, or succumb to the water”

release 18 x 24 acrylic & oil on canvas

print xx of 50 | audree grand’pierre | 12.08.2020

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