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Featured Artist - Summer Promotion

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Æra Hope Presents this Season's Featured Artist Promotion:

'Celestial Sphere 1' by Emmanuel Ronald Bertrand

'Emmanuel Ronald Bertrand' created his first portrait at twelve years old, leading to a lifelong passion for the arts. After completing high school in Haiti, he migrated to the US to study architecture. Bertrand is an experienced architect who creates art between architectural projects. His work is animated by several energies flowing from three sources, passion and love of his homeland, his architectural education, and his interactions with people. For Bertrand, each creation is an emotional endeavor that produces a stunning piece of work. He freely experiments with various art mediums and different subject matter to escape to a world where life is reduced to pigment and the size of his canvas.

'Celestial Sphere I' is inspired by the unexplainable high that comes from the freedom and uncertainty of creating something from nothing. In this triptych 14 x 36 acrylic on canvas, Bertrand creates one of a million representations of this freedom in a highly pigmented canvas, a connection to the piercing sunshine of the Caribbean.

15 Prints of this original piece are available for Pre-Order from 07.10.2021 - 08.10.2021 16" x 30" Enhanced Matte Poster Prints of "Celestial Sphere 1" can be found here:

Description as seen on poster print:

Celestial Sphere I 14 x 36 acrylic on canvas | created June 2018

“a juxtaposition of freedom against control”

Emmanuel Ronald Bertrand | print xx of 15


Explore more of Bertrand's work here:

This is an Æra Hope x Evan Johnson writing collaboration.

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1 Comment

Burt Charles
Burt Charles
Jul 13, 2021

Congratulations Ronald, I am thrilled that your labor of love is being fully expressed and exhibited. I can attest to your passion for the arts and your love for Haiti. Aerahope's timing was destined with you as a featured artist at the moment. The motherland of FREEDOM is again at a crossroads. She will prevail for its roots in resilience are embedded in love, truth, and justice.

One Love

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