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Featured Artist - Fall Promotion

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Æra Hope Presents this Season's Featured Artist Promotion:

'Déjeuner chez Evelyn à Pestel' by Emmanuelle Tardieu (E.T.)

'Déjeuner chez Evelyn à Pestel' is a frozen still of the vibrant colors seen and lively emotions felt by Emmanuelle on her first trip to Haiti. Originally taken as a photograph, she spent hours in Port au Prince reliving this moment with delicate brush strokes of paint. She gifted the 18" x 24" piece to her partner as a recreation of the love they shared in Pestel.

E.T. began creating art as a child. Simple drawings evolved into full portraits by the time she entered university. The print above is the first piece she ever painted, reflecting a style that blends drawing technique with paint as a new medium. Recently, her style invokes a more mystical element. By using pieces of wood as her canvas or incorporating contrasting colors to depict sentimental scenes from nature, she blurs the conventional boundary between organic and artistic.

Her captivating style has resulted in special commissions displayed on the interior walls of churches, successful art presentations and various exhibits. Currently based in France, E.T. continues to experiment with new techniques and materials while teaching young artists to discover their own individual style.

30 signed and numbered original prints are available for Pre-Order from 11.29.2021 - 12.29.2021 18" x 24" Enhanced Matte Poster Prints of 'Déjeuner chez Evelyn à Pestel' can be found here:


Description as seen on poster print:

"Pestel, c'est un mélange de couleurs, d'odeurs, de souvenirs et d'émotions... il y a déjà si longtemps, mais qui reste si vivant en moi" Déjeuner chez Evelyn à Pestel | 45cm x 60cm Peint en Haïti en 1998, d'après une photo personnelle prise à Pestel en 1997

Impression: / 30

Emmanuelle Devulder Tardieu (E.T.)


This is an Æra Hope x Antonia Stefanescu writing collaboration.

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