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A Collection of Playlists | Phase 6

Updated: May 1

Below are the features for our 6th and final phase of the 2022 Spring Artist Feature: AJ, Marcus, Cameron, Ari, Armand, Jayla. A Collection of Playlists showcases 25 select songs per individual to reflect their personal music taste or vibe.


Consider this playlist your golden ticket into an exclusive archive. Made for those with attuned and attentive ears, eager to dissect the intricacies and complexities of the art, you’ll find yourself captivated by an almost hypnotic element present within every song. As you explore this garden of sound, allow the music to consume you. To move you. Let every note reverberate against your eardrums as you travel through mind bending melodies that unlock an essence words cannot describe.


You know those summer mornings when you wake up naturally? No alarm sounds. Instead, your eyes open gently to embrace the caress of fresh daylight. This playlist captures the essence of such mornings. Featuring feel good transitions from Marvin Gay's Mercy Mercy Me into Frank Ocean’s Self Control; Rufus de Sol’s No Place into Artbat’s Closer; or Mac Miller’s The Spins into Tame Impala’s Let it Happen — each careful selection provides instant feelings of peace, gratitude and motivation to seize the day. Consider making this rotation a part of your daily routine because these “soothing, uptempo beats” lift spirits and birth contagious smiles no matter the day: rain or shine, chill or stress, lazy or intense.


This playlist is a testament to living life box free; where open exploration through clear and murky waters are equally encouraged. While temperature adjustment gets easier as the ripples settle, don't get too comfortable, a switch up is inevitably on the way. Running genre and fear obsolete, flow from D’Angelo’s Send It On, to Meshuggah’s Bleed, Fred Wesley & The J.B.’s Doing it to Death and Soul II Soul & Caron Wheeler’s Back To Life. Without resistance, its a rather poetic journey so if you feel inclined to rush through the re-adjustment process, ask yourself why? What are you running from?


When you don't have a care in the world except the cares that hold you down, this playlist transports you to a field of sunflowers with just enough overcast to keep you cool. It’s holding the twinkle in your eye despite the tragedy of a jaded adult perspective. Release that pent up energy with Point North's Hammer before melting with childlike surrender and reverence in M83's Outro. Transition to reflection during Miserable Man by David Kushner before finally nestling into the remaining curation of male vocals and melodramatic melodies from the guitar, piano, violin and bass.


Serving as a refuge for the weary traveler after an exhaustive voyage through the day or eventful evening, this playlist is the bed your body craves to lay on. Whether it’s the spins from stressful social interactions, those back to back after parties you attended or the 8 hours of work you just pushed through — it’s time to pacify those high strung emotions. Self described as “chill, bluesy [and] kind sad,” select songs are woven in and out of favorites from JMSN, Son Little, Aaron Taylor and Leon Bridges as a judgment free embrace for those days you probably should have ended a few hours earlier.


While your true love may be gone, sometimes its fun to just reminisce; to be sad despite knowing that everything around you is and will be okay. Made for those 90s babies who resonate with both Snoh Aalegra's I Want You Around and Luther Vandross, The Closer I Get to You; this playlist invites you to explore memory lane with both tears and a smile on your face. Some songs will make you regret things left unsaid but then Signed, Sealed Delivered (I'm Yours) or Outstanding hits the queue to lift your spirits back up. With a stealthy handful of songs released within this past decade, this selection build a testament of just how important classics are to creating a well founded appreciation for music (or any art form).

The full Collection of Playlist Features are available here. Happy listening!

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This is an Æra Hope collaboration with contributions from Alex Farrell, Marcus Holloway, Cameron Thornton, Ari Christofferson, Armand Starks and Jayla Goodloe. Commentary written by N..

Image for Cameron, Armand and Jayla taken by N. in collaboration with Æra Hope. Images for AJ, Marcus and Ari are self submissions.

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