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A Collection of Playlists | Phase 4

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Our 2022 Spring Artist Feature showcases A Collection of Playlists, to be released in 6 phases. Each featured playlist showcases 25 select songs to reflect an individual's personal music taste or vibe. Below are the features for Phase 4: Alexandre, Cecile, Christopher, Tay and Naomie.


The assignment: “chill, melodic and celebratory” and Alexandre delivers with delicacy and precision. Meant to be played in just about any scenario, this is a compilation of a young player’s love songs (who uses a pair of scuffed up Comme Des Garçons to take out the frat house trash). Filled with societies favorite heartbreakers from John Mayor to ASAP Rocky, this mix displays well produced, feel good sounds that flow like butter into each other. Curating one of those rare cases of elite without prétention, this smooth and sophisticated journey will force you to take your $10,000 outfit less seriously; a point only underscored with Sade’s timeless gem, Kiss of Life, as the finale.


Imagine a 20 something year old driving a classic red American convertible down scenic winding roads 50 years ago. Starting bold with a back to back Cee-Lo Green collab, first with Kid Cudi then Outkast, each selected song builds into the next beautifully, creating a typical coming of age movie soundtrack for your not so typical person. Self described as “songs for taking on the world,” this playlist is giving funky. It’s giving disco. It’s giving groovy and blues-y. Forget seeing through rose colored glasses. Instead, start rockin a pair of vintage kaleidoscope frames to upbeat psychedelia sounds that make you feel on top of the world and ready to face just about anything.


Sorrowful lyrics from Frank Ocean to Kanye West, Sylvan Esso to Joji -- pair with a soft upbeat kick that will surely lull you into a comforting flow. It's a lovely mix for those days when you're feeling down without cause or explanation. Tears transform into rejuvenating streams of redemption as the overall tone of this playlist offers an encouraging reminder to find peace and beauty through the toughest pains or gut wrenching heart breaks. To release rather than resist when those emotional currents take over. Nestle into a gentle mental and surrender to the beauty tortured souls evoke with awe inspiring embraces of sadness.


Full of electrifying guitar chords, soothing vocals and spooky synthesizer sirens, this playlist was made to send chills ups and down your spine. Described as a collection of "songs that give me goosebumps and songs that take em away," this physical experience is blissfully terrific -- where elements of terror and the fantastic fuse to form exciting sensations. Feel your goosebumps come alive and transform as you free all your jitters and release an exhilarating "yeehaw!"


Beginning and ending with prayerful connotations, this blend demonstrates the diversity of reverence and how amazing it can be when practiced without rigidity. Drums create a ceremonious and hypnotic flow that unite seemingly unrelated genres together to create a form of worship that encompass the body as much as the soul. Freeing, uptempo Afro-Caribbean beats are woven in and out of slower meditative rhythms that unorthodoxly crescendo into Childish Gambino's Me and Your Mama. This track's melange of funky, harsh yet surprisingly digestible beats perfectly summarize everything about this playlist.

The full Collection of Playlist Features are available here. Happy listening!

Share your own commentary on the playlists below:


This is an Æra Hope collaboration with contributions from Alexandre Grand'Pierre, Cecile, Browning, Christopher McDougal, Taylor Harrell and Naomie Gutenkust. Commentary written by Emilie Grand'Pierre and N.

Image for Christopher taken by N. in collaboration with Æra Hope. Images for Alexandre, Taylor and Naomie are self submissions. Image for Cecile is a painted self portrait.

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