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A Collection of Playlists | Phase 3

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Our 2022 Spring Artist Feature showcases A Collection of Playlists, to be released in 6 phases. Each featured playlist showcases 25 select songs to reflect an individual's personal music taste or vibe. Below are the features for Phase 3: Emilie, Naomi, Storm, Raphaël and Miriam.


Take time to create your favorite ambiance before stepping into Emilie's "mind in music," ladies and gentleman. We suggest you wear your finest linens, spritz your best perfume and connect to a quality sound system. Establishing the tone with a track from James Blake’s latest album, Emilie pulls melodic delicacies from a niche selection of artists. Showcasing an exquisite display of mellow, crisp and ethereal sounds, this playlist will have you triple checking artist’s discographies.


Naomi's playlist will make you say fxckkkk in every sense of the word. Creating heat with tracks like Tanerélle's Mama Saturn and intense transitions like The Neighborhood's Jealou$y into Loyle Carner's Ain't Nothing Changed -- Naomi tells a story about her own process of finding love. Weaving together afrobeats, indie, and r&b this blend provides a refreshing sound that pairs nicely with the summertime sun. Go ahead, take a peak for yourself and experience the "different expressions of [Naomi]. Sultry, sassy, vibrant, calming."


This playlist is a delicate score, pieced together for the movie of your life. As the main character, the stage is set with Disaterpeace’s Jay and drama laid down for you with Isaac Hayes Walk on By into Britney Spears’s Overprotected. You’ll find yourself mesmerized by the newfound magic of music as you watch the world around you move in slow motion. Has this movie always been this good? And why haven’t I paired Meghan Thee Stallion with these classical tunes before? The further you venture in, the more you come to appreciate the impact of sound and the ways our perception is influenced by its beauty and grace.


Full of surprising twists and turns, heart bumping climbs and thrilling downhill slides, this playlist is the rollercoaster you'll wait hours in line for. Delivering a modern mix of hip hop and soul, we've got straight bangers from Gunna, 21, and Playboi Carti mixed with timeless ballads from Tyler, Jaden, and Frank Ocean. Described as "a musical interpretation of [Raphael's] personality" enjoy the journey "from head bopping chill rap, to lay down euphoria back to moshpit jumping trap. Best blasted in the car."


Put on your grunge shoes, pack an umbrella and experience "grime at the apollo," an alluring musical perspective. "Low pitched baselines and minimal yet prominent rhythms"* typically associated with UK garage grime merge with subdued tones of pensive melancholy to create an ominous and calming, yet motivating thunderstorm. Pops of reggaeton lighting from Sean Paul, Popcaan, Bad Bunny, and Aya Nakamura brighten this intriguing journey that can be played straight through or shuffled.

*language pulled from webster dictionary

The full Collection of Playlist Features are available here. Happy listening!

Share your own commentary on the playlists below:


This is an Æra Hope collaboration with contributions from Emilie Grand'Pierre, Naomi Ruele, Storm Taft, Raphael Grand'Pierre and Miriam Benjamin. Commentary written by Antonia Stefanescu and N.

Images for Emilie and Raphael taken by taken by N. in collaboration with Æra Hope. Images for Naomi, and Storm are self submissions. Image for Miriam is a combined self submission of blended mediums.

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