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'Drawing Blood (or On My Mother's Toes)' is a collection of poems about the maternal bloodline and what it means to find your identity as a multi-cultural and multi-dimensional woman. Using poetry to tell the stories of the women in her family, Hannah was able to connect to her heritage during a time of isolation and homesickness. Beginning the book of poetry in 2021 , Hannah committed herself to writing one poem a day, completing the journey in one year. Each poem touches on different senses and emotions felt through metaphors that weave together the pain, love, and beauty of womanhood. Below are images of her creative process and how she organized the collection of poems into her first published book.


Hannah Bailey is an Australian-Filipino actor, musician, and poet. She has studied at multiple art schools across the world and currently lives and works in New York City. In addition to performing in theater productions, musicals and films, her writing was recently published in Knack Magazine’s Issue #74 and Insight Magazine. This is her first collection of poetry.

'Drawing Blood (or On My Mother's Toes)' | Poetry Book

  • Book of Poetry + Personalized Postcard Print

    Drawing Blood (or On My Mother's Toes)
    Dark/West 4th Street at Night Print


    AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER 2.22.2022 - 3.22.2022
    20 signed and numbered books & prints are available for Pre-Order.


    Description Included on the Postcard Print:

    At midnight
    the icy pavement
    swallowed me whole
    and I let it.
    I’m not scared of the dark

    Poem from Drawing Blood or On My Mothers Toes
    print xx of 20
    Hannah Bailey

    West 4th Street at Night
    print xx of 20
    Hannah Bailey


    ***Pre-order Period 2.22.2022 - 3.22.2022***


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