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Corazón de Melón is one of many hand-cut collages that teacher and artist, Brianne Cotter has been inspired to create while living in Puerto, Colombia. The phrase "Corazón de Melón" is a phrase of endearment made popular by the similarly titled song. Inspired by the the tune and its cultural and emotional significance, Brianne sat down with her collection of old magazines and vintage textbooks to created the collage pictured above. The piece was first exhibited at the French Alliance in Barranquilla and is now available on 36 customized canvas tote bag.


Brianne Cotter is a US born artist currently living and working in a coastal town outside of Barranquilla, Colombia. Born and raised in New York City, she has always been drawn to language and art. Collage has allowed her to blend, or glue, the two together. She began the craft in high school with her parents magazines. While studying Spanish at Oberlin College, she traveled to Argentina, Chile, and Mexico, collecting pieces of paper she found as artifacts. After graduating, she moved to Colombia to pursue a teaching position. There, she immersed in the culture, learning new phrases and traditions while also continuing to collage. She has now curated two exhibitions, one in Barranquilla and one in New York City.

'Corazon de Melon' Canvas Tote Bag

    27 OF 36 custom 'Corazón de Melón' canvas tote bags were sold. 

    Heavy Duty Canvas Bag
    Sturdy, durable, eco friendly with built in inner pocket
    12oz - 16” (H) x 13” (W)




    Vinyl print of the "Corazon de Melon" collage is promiently featured on the center of the canvas tote bag. The bottom left corner is marked with artist feature, Brianne Cotter's signature. Every bag will be hand numbered 'xx / 36' with acrylic fabric paint next to the printed 'BAG #' seen at the bottom right corner. 


    The innner pocket will display a descrete print of both the Æra Hope and OpenAirDrugMarket logos, paying tribute to their collaborative contribution. 


    To ensure a quality fade and age with wear, we recommend hand washing the canvas bags only when neccessary. 


    ***Official Pre-Order Period 10/31/2022 - 11/30/2022***

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