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Featured Artist - Spring Promotion

Updated: May 3, 2023

Æra Hope Presents this Season's Featured Artist Promotion:

the 'SAVIOR' tee by @ProdbyXAE

The idea behind the 'SAVIOR' tee is inspired by the various interpretations Xavier has observed of his name, his appearance and life's hardships overall. 'FEAR ENDS WITH FAITH,' as seen on the back of the design, is meant to appeal to both religious and nonreligious audiences alike as a universal acknowledgment of faith and its definitive impact, especially during moments of hardship. No matter the interpretation, life's obstacles always end when consistent faith is at play. In this way, the 'SAVIOR' tee serves as an offering of hope in periods of hardship or a reminder for gratitude in periods joy.

10 'SAVIOR' tees are available for order from 04.21.2023 - 05.01.2023

100% cotton, hand cut and individually acid washed in Pakistan

From the clothes he wears to the music he creates, @ProdbyXAE has a fine tuned attention for feel, finish and quality. "I care a lot about what I wear and how I present myself. I am the same with music in every little aspect -- from picking the photo for a beat to the overall feel and comfort of the sound." Weaving together atmospheric-ambient sounds with 808s and Atlanta-infused drums to create a "lowfi-trap" feel, self taught producer Xavier Ruiz has infused this essence into the fabric of all his projects--from merch to melody.

Alongside the "SAVIOR" tee, @ProdbyXae has published two beats albums available for both listening and for purchase. Below is his most recent release "Lost Love, Vol. 02."

Explore more of @ProdbyXae beats here. | To claim a 'SAVIOR' tee, click here.


This is an Æra Hope x N. writing collaboration.

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