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A Collection of Playlists | Phase 5

Updated: May 1

Our 2022 Spring Artist Feature showcases A Collection of Playlists, to be released in 6 phases. Each featured playlist showcases 25 select songs to reflect an individual's personal music taste or vibe. Below are the features for Phase 5: Eya, Colette, Carmyn, Justin, Daniel.


To fully enjoy the craftsmanship of this audio timeline, take time to grasp the full meaning of Eya’s self description: "one must imagine Sisyphus happy (while listening to this playlist)." Mimicking the most elusive spider's web, this playlist intertwines French, Arabic, Spanish and English music to showcase breathtaking details found across real instruments and strong voices. As the intangible nature of this ambiance alters imagined visuals and truths; you'll find yourself entangled in feelings evoked by an art filled room, a sun-filled afternoon lounge or a word forever on the tip of your tongue. As time disappears and elation emerges, this playlist allows the listener, the insect, and even Sisyphus to resist panic and anxiety when facing inevitable fate.


Setting the tone with Erykah Badu's Caint Use my Phone (Suite), Colette casually entices us into a world teeming with sexy confidence. Effortlessly cool, each song vibrates into your hips in-tune with the rhythms of sunsets and conversation. This playlist is best queued on those endless days that blend into endless nights where one's only concern is 'who's bringing the papers?' Enchanting upbeat tones and a steady drum-line evoke unexpressed desires, better left unsaid. When you're alone together and don't know what to say, let this speak for you.


This playlist hits the way a slow burning, deliciously scented candle does in the middle of a weekday bubble bath. Here to ease away your pains and worries, enter into a world of "warm + cosey feels, always." This gentle, leisurely and sensual mix is focused on one thing: making you feel good. Pamper yourself with soothing vocals from Durand Jones & The Indications, Son Little and The Internet; soft guitar rhythms from Khruangbin, Luna Luna and The Teskey Brothers; and tender upbeat elements from Burna Boy, The Cavemen and JAWNY.


Pulling from the far corners of the underground scene, let Justin put you on. United by slow and deep digital sounds, this playlist juxtaposes tracks from well known artist's elusive projects and enterprising rappers from Detroit, Chicago and Maryland. Creeping through the deepest and darkest pockets of various genres to craft a seamless flow from Syd and Lucky Daye's CYBAH to Future's One Helluva Night, NoCap's Vaccine - Fallen Star, into SAINt JHN's and Lenny Kravitz's Borders. Even managing to weave in Sade's the Sweetest Taboo, the consistent presence of the electric guitar, authentic and auto-tuned sounds surprisingly and impressively makes this anomalous mix work.


From Jungle Views, Blackbird, Thank You, Appreciate It and Always with Me, Always with You, this playlist is satisfying for anyone craving or experiencing a dangerous love affair with the guitar. Allow yourself to drown in inspiration and bleed your emotions out as each song displays a level of technical genius that invites further exploration of instrumental forte. Both the casual listener and a well trained ear can appreciate the stark beauty of guitar riffs expressed through rap, country, indie or rock. Housing everything the term "American" encompasses, the marrying of different genres and compositions create the perfect cross-country roadtrip mix.

The full Collection of Playlist Features are available here. Happy listening!

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This is an Æra Hope collaboration with contributions from Eya Somai, Colette Lathan, Carmyn Cosey, Justin Kupa, Daniel, Armand Starks and Emilie Grand'Pierre. Commentary written by N.

Image for Colette and Justin taken by N. in collaboration with Æra Hope. Images for Eya, Carmyn and Justin are self submissions.

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