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A Collection of Playlists | Phase 1

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Our 2022 Spring Artist Feature showcases A Collection of Playlists, to be released in 6 phases. Each featured playlist showcases 25 select songs to reflect an individual's personal music taste or vibe. Below are the features for Phase 1: Antonia, Audrée, IV, Abby and Sauphia.


Starting with Down Right, a Toni original, this playlist builds as a blend of classics, from Billie Holiday to Amy Winehouse, and contemporary spanning from Latto to Greentea Peng. United by rich baritones and sonorous bounce, each song contributes to an overall DEEP vibe. Pulling from different languages and genres, Antonia weaves in beloved tracks from EARTHGANG, The Weeknd and Rihanna while putting us on to new bops by Blvck Svm and IFCKane. This engaging journey rides soulful and finishes bouncy, perfect for a daytime stroll or evening pregame.


This genre bending playlist doesn't miss a beat. Featuring brilliant transitions like Childish Gambino's Telegraph Ave into Sampha's Plastic 100C and Young Thug's King Troup, Audree manages to coalesce music spanning from trap, alternative indie and classical piano with an attention grabbing, head bopping undertone. Self described as "an audio diary from a strange perspective," Audree's select 25 is an Alice in Wonderland type adventure.


Self described as "a “windows down, bounce, vibrant, type playlist," LA based IV Wrigley, organized his 25 song selection by genre as a direct reflection of his personality. Setting the tone with Jorja Smith and Preditah's On My Mind, you'll find yourself dancing seamlessly through a pleasantly surprising range of artists. IV masterfully unites a diversity of genres from Col3trane to Disclosure and The Japanese House I to create an overall bumpy vibe.


Impressively bookending this playlist with Earth Wind & Fire's September, you're going to want to pull out your best high-waisted, bell-bottom pants before bumpin this one. Get ready to dance into the moonlight as Abby's playlist marries the old with the new for a nonstop set of groovy tunes. We're talking classics from Prince, Whitney Houston and Alicia Keys paired with some modern funk from Lizzo, Harry Styles and Miley Cyrus. So keep those bell bottoms and this playlist close, they won't be going out of style anytime soon.


Imagine yourself taking a rose petal filled, candle lit, bath with glorious spring time sun pouring through your wide open windows -- not a care in your free-spirited world, let the lookers LOOK! Sauphia's playlist pulls us into a bold yet tender embrace of soft pitched sounds from BJ the Chicago Kid to UMI and The Marias, creating a beautiful melange of 25 songs that pull your heart strings into a shameless realm of bliss.

The full Collection of Playlist Features are available here. Happy listening!

Share your own commentary on the playlists below:


This is an Æra Hope collaboration with contributions from Antonia Stefanescu, Audree Grand'Pierre, IV, Abby Erdman and Sauphia Germaine. Commentary written by N.

All images were taken by N. in collaboration with Æra Hope. Image for IV is a self submission.

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